“This is the first piece of software that I’ve seen our faculty enthusiastically support.” – Dr. Andrew Beaty EdD

Transforming Content into a
Learning Experience

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Ready for Online is the world’s only Instructional Design Solution(IDS) that combines course and curriculum development with workload calculator and enterprise user management all in one platform. It helps faculty and subject matter experts develop quality courses faster and easier through a suite of tools like ISBN lookup, objectives creator, bibliography builder, action verbs list for creating objectives, workload calculator, automatic grading and much more. It helps deans and directors develop entire programs visually through our Program Map tool, keep track of development progress and managing user roles. Best of all, you get to use the most advanced development software on the market at a fraction of the cost!

Why a whole new platform for course and curriculum development?

Current processes for developing high quality courses are complex, take a long time and are very costly. Often, institutions can’t afford an instructional design team and build their courses directly into the LMS.

Ready for Online was built by instructional designers to guide subject matter experts in creating courses that are well balanced and aligned to program objectives.

How does it work?

Every item in the course is itemized, like a Lego piece, and structured in a way that allows us to store it and reorganize it in different formats for different outputs. That means once the course content is added, our platform already has the syllabus populated with the required bibliography and all the course details, a course map is available that visually shows how every student assignment aligns with learning objectives all the way to the program goals, and much, much more.

As a course creator, you have access to a guiding course development process built by instructional designers so that you don’t have to start from scratch.

As an ID, 80% of your work is done as the SME follows the course template so you can spend less time on coaching and help develop more courses.

As Program Head, you get high visibility over the entire program development, manage course creators and get to visually align program objectives and student learning outcomes.

As a Super Administrator, you have access to a campus wide course development dashboard, manage user roles and syllabus templates.

Course Development Suite

Workload Calculator

Real time and fully integrated

Well designed courses have a steady rhythm of learning. Our student workload calculator is built in to the course development process, so as soon as a study activity or assignment is added to the course the workload for the module and the entire course is updated. The default reading and writing rates are based on extensive research but can be easily customized to match a particular student profile. In addition to making sure that the student work load is even, the workload calculator is used in Ready for Online as a development progress indicator for SMEs, IDs and all users involved in the course development process.

Lesson Objectives

Measurable and connected
to Course Objectives

Ready for Online helps course creators/Subject Matter Experts(SME) write measurable learning objectives by providing a list of sample action verbs categorized by learning level. Once the objective is filled in, the learning level is automatically selected.

Bibliography Builder

Fast and error-free
with ISBN Lookup

Adding a book to the course bibliography couldn’t be easier or faster and it’s 100% error free. Just enter the ISBN and our system will look up the book in a growing database of over 32 million unique books, display all the details about the book including a picture of the front cover, a link to Amazon to check the current price and availability and even a list of other courses in the program that the book is used in. Then all you have to do is choose if the book is required or optional and add it to the course. You don’t even have to type it into an assignment description, just select it from a drop down menu and it automatically gets entered for you. It’s also automatically added to the course syllabus in the proper format.

Course Assessment

Automatic Grading by Student Workload

Hit the Auto Grade button and watch the magic happen. Points and percentages will automatically be distributed to every student activity in the course based on each activity’s time requirement as recorded by the Workload Calculator. If you want to make adjustments you can do so by assignment type and the points or percentage will be evenly distributed to each assignment, or you can manually assign points to each student activity.
You also have a visual representation of the weight of each assignment type to help you distribute the points more evenly.

Course Map

Meet Accreditation Requirements

Ready For Online - Assessment Mapping

The Course Map is a visual representation of how student activities fulfil the lesson and course learning objectives all the way to student learning outcomes and program educational goals. It also shows which objectives are not met and displays a link to the module/week coursework so that it can either be removed or have assignments either added or connected to it.

Course Preview/Export

Export to any LMS

View the entire course content in one page and export as a PDF or Word document. All attached files can be exported as a zip archive or individual files. Courses can be transferred to any LMS by using copy buttons for individual items or as an entire section.

Tools for Program Heads and Super Administrators

Program Map

Visual Curriculum Development

The Program Map is an innovative way to visually manage programs, connect program educational goals with student learning outcomes and course objectives. You can easily zoom in and out and drag the map around to see how all the objectives connect with each other logically no matter how big the program is. The thickness of the connecting lines allows you to see how much emphasis there is on each objective as well as showing disconnected or underdeveloped ones.

Syllabus Templates

Customizable and automatically updated

The syllabus for each course is complete as soon as all the required course information is entered, which means you don’t have to spend a single minute creating or updating the syllabus. It always contains the most up to date information as entered in the course content. Admins have access to a syllabus template builder and an unlimited number of templates. Syllabi are exportable as PDF or Word formats but we have the option of hosting them on our platform.

Super Admin Dashboard

Informative and functional

We built functionality in the administrator’s dashboard so that they can add programs, add courses, invite users and assign them to courses, all from one page. They can also see the total amount of courses in the account as well as how many courses are not started ,in development or completed.

Course List

Visibility and accessibility

The course list gives you great visibility of all the courses in the account by displaying basic course information, SMEs and IDs assigned to the course, program it belongs to and also the student workload value for each course.

Create a course for free!

Tools for creating great courses should not be limited to higher education. That’s why we are making it available for free to everyone that wants to structure their content into an excellent learning experience. If quality education is your goal then this is what you want to start with.

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As a director, having Ready for Online as a system of record for all your courses/programs guarantees:

  • higher quality of education across your entire curriculum with less input from you
  • high visibility and accessibility over the entire curriculum
  • better readiness for accreditation visits
  • shorter development time
  • an easier process for updating and fixing courses