About Our Team

Ready For Online is a web based platform developed by One House Of Design.

We have partnered with a team of experienced instructional designers dedicated to higher education and corporate training. Also, the development of Ready For Online is based on the findings of a four year PhD research project focused on new paradigms in instructional design.

Most of the features built in this web based platform respond to a gap in the process of developing courses. We are very thankful for the think tank that was formed around developing this web solution and we are excited for what came out of this partnership.

Claudiu Cauneac

Claudiu Cauneac

Daniel Pitariu

Daniel Pitariu

Alin Vrancila

Alin Vrancila

Educational Researcher
Sefora Cauneac

Sefora Cauneac

Accounts Manager

About One House Of Design

ONE HOUSE Of DESIGN is a highly skilled, flexible and collaborative web development company specializing in higher education solutions, web development, graphic and web design and corporate identity.

We are first and foremost about ideas, whether they are our ideas or your ideas. We can help bring your dreams to life through the intelligent application of online media, web and innovative online development.

ONE HOUSE OF DESIGN can develop anything that you think is worth developing. Your success is our success, we are passionate about your business and we are ready to take on your challenge.

About Ready For Online

Ready For Online is a revolutionary platform looking to impact the way courses are developed in online and traditional education. Our research indicates that online and traditional students want courses that are innovative, engaging and current. Ready For Online was built to significantly reduce the time needed to develop and revise a course, to increase collaboration between subject matter experts and instructional designers and to remove the administrative hurdles out of the way of great courses. Simply put, this platform exists to help you create quality courses.

There are a multitude of features designed to help the subject matter experts unleash their creativity while not wasting any time with trivial matters.

Whether you are in higher education or involved in any kind of training, Ready For Online has something to offer you as well. Schedule a Demo at your earliest convenience, it is a painless and simple process.