Why Ready For Online?

This Instructional Design web-based platform is a response to a few gaps and challenges found in the course development process. A few of these challenges are listed here and they represent some of the reasons why this platform exists today:

The Gap Between the

When a subject matter expert develops a course, they are far removed from their intended audience. Usually, course creation happens between the SME and ID and in most cases, the SME is left alone to develop the course.  There are differences between a traditional audience and an online one  Depending on your audience,  you need a different approach to pedagogy or andragogy. There is a perceived gap in practice between the SME and the student. Narrowing this gap can have a lasting impact on students, which in turn affects retention. There are intentional and creative ways in which we use this platform to narrow the gap between the course creator and the student.

The Gap Between the

When you contract SME’s from outside of your institution, how do you make sure they understand your vision and your ethos? Our orientation and training module is built for that purpose. No need spending hundreds of ID hours helping SME’s get your vision. Now they do it in their own time. Bring all your professional development and training needs in one place, where everyone is already. You can train your SME’s, ID’s and staff and make sure everyone is not only on the same page but the same paragraph.

The Gap Between the
SME and ID

Have you ever mapped all the communications and everything that happens in the process of creating (or revising) a course? We did, and we were impressed with ourselves for a second. Then we realized we were working very hard…but not very smart.
There is a lot of value in centralizing all the steps of creating a course in one location and to capture the history of how that course came to be. It makes revising the course much easier.
With our collaboration module, SME’s and ID’s can develop a course in half the time it took before. Now you can have multiple SME’s and multiple ID’s working on the same project, your most challenging one. This is a game changer.

The Gap Between the

Our research shows that in most institutions, the SME’s are asked to create a course outside of the LMS. After they provide the content of the course, it is organized by an ID or educational technologist and posted in the LMS. Why is that problem, you might ask? Have you ever been asked to develop something but you were not allowed to see your final product until it is done? We have and it is not a good experience. Our web-based platform can mimic any LMS and show a preview of the course in real time. No more educational technologist (sorry ) and dependence on the ID, now the SME gets to see how the course will look even before they are done developing it. We know, this is another game changer.