“This is the first piece of software that I’ve seen our faculty enthusiastically support.” – Dr. Andrew Beaty EdD

Course Development Suite

Create quality courses, the easy way

All the tools required to create and revise courses for online as well as campus programs in one place. Designed to guide the subject matter expert through the course creation process resulting in shorter turnaround time and increasing course quality.

Ready For Online - Course Development Suite
Ready For Online - Workload Calculator

Workload Calculator

Close the gap between course creator and student

The workload calculator helps course creators distribute student workload throughout the course. This increases learning and student retention rates.

Customizable Settings

Software that works for you

Set parameters at campus level, standardize syllabi, set workload calculator limits, select assignment types and more.

Ready For Online - Customizable Settings
Ready For Online - Assessment Mapping

Assessment Mapping

Meet Accreditation Standards

The assessment mapping is automatically generated and tracks entire course alignment from program educational goals to related individual assignment.